Brennan Lowery

PhD Candidate | Interdisciplinary PhD Program | Memorial University of Newfoundland |

Brennan is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and is a recent newcomer to Newfoundland. An interdisciplinary researcher, Brennan is working in the Environmental Policy Institute, the Department of Geography, and the Department of Economics at Memorial University, under Dr. Kelly Vodden. His research examines how rural communities and regions can use approaches to define and measure sustainability to support more effective governance for sustainable development. Using an asset-based approach to understanding the sustainability of rural communities and regions, his research aims to identify how rural Newfoundland regions can draw on their existing capacities and amenities to foster new place-based development opportunities. This work has begun by building on research previously conducted in the Bonavista region in collaborative research and engagement with local leaders, and he hopes to also conduct community-based research in other rural regions of Newfoundland. Brennan is working with Dr. Kelly Vodden at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, and his other committee members are Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee in Geography, Dr. Doug May in Economics, and Dr. John Dagevos, an adjunct professor based in the Netherlands.

Research Engagement

Assessing the Factors Impacting the Sustainability of the Clarenville-Bonavista Rural Secretariat Region.

Recent Conference Presentations

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Annual Conference (October 2016)

Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Conference (May 2016)