Grenfell Research Week Presentations

Two rural researchers, Brady Reid and Dr. Sondra Eger, gave presentations during Grenfell Campus’s Research Week on alternative forms of knowledge mobilization.

Brady started off his presentation by sharing information on knowledge mobilization and all the different forms it comes in, from journal articles to blog posts to Twitter, etc. Non-traditional forms of knowledge mobilization are becoming more useful for knowledge dissemination and accessibility to audiences that could most benefit from the research. He also helps break down the methods of evaluating effective knowledge mobilization (using reach + relevance + relationships).

Dr. Eger narrows in on podcasts as a form of knowledge mobilization. Podcasts allow communication of complex topics to improve accessibility to science beyond academia. It also allows for diversifying voices and gives opportunities to engage and build relationships with different groups and communities. Dr. Eger draws on her own podcast, Coastal Connections, to show podcasts’ ability to reach groups beyond academia who could benefit from research. She also explains how pubcasts can be another opportunity to communicate your research in a more accessible way. Dr. Eger shares tips she has learned on how to tell a good story, create a hook and engage the audience in critical reflection.

To learn more, watch both of their presentations below:

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