Joshua Barrett

PhD Candidate in Rural Studies, University of Guelph

Program and Policy Development Specialist, Government of Newfoundland

Master of Arts in Geography, Memorial University 

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Josh has a strong interest in regional development within rural communities and how the two are interconnected. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at Memorial University in 2014, where he focused his studies in Geography and Political Science. He completed his Master of Arts in Geography from Memorial University. The purpose of Josh’s Masters’s research was to study the impacts of employment mobility on source communities, with a particular emphasis on the case of nickel processing workers in Long Harbour, NL. While existing literature about commuting impacts on communities has focused on the construction phase of megaprojects, generally a temporary form of employment, more research is needed to understand how commuting affects communities within the operation phase, which provides more permanent employment.

Research Engagement