Coastal Routes

About the Project

Coastal Routes is a network project that seeks to explore social innovations at the local level which are allowing communities to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities in the face of environmental changes. The project received a SSHRC-funded partnership grant, which has allowed researchers from across the country to come together by sharing stories of resilience from our unique coastal communities. Knowledge Mobilization is a key component of this project as it is a way for community-based research findings to become accessible in various forms through short podcasts or “pubcasts”, blog posts, videos, maps, photos, and other creative expressions. With a diverse map of case studies, individual researchers are working closely with communities to evaluate the effectiveness of local initiatives to enhance livelihoods, food security, biodiversity, and to generate social learning. Through a qualitative comparative case study analysis, this project aims to connect stories of coastal resilience by focussing on the people that drive innovation and facilitating a dialogue for continuous learning.

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