New Project Announced – Community-Based Water Monitoring

Kelly Vodden (Department of Geography, Memorial University) and Atanu Sarkar (Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University) recently received notice their proposal to the Harris Centre’s RBC Water and Outreach Fund. The project is titled: Developing A Community-Based Monitoring Program For Drinking Water Supplies In The Indian Bay Watershed: A Baseline Study Of Surface Water Quality, Contamination Sources And Resident Practices And Perceptions. Over the coming year the project will achieve the following objectives:

  • To determine the presence of microbiological and/or chemical contaminants of surface waters and roadside springs in the Indian Bay watershed (elements of the local drinking water supply outside of the scope of the existing provincial monitoring program);
  • To determine population perspectives and practices related to water contamination, environmental management and sustainable solutions; and
  • To research community-based watershed water quality monitoring models employed elsewhere that may be applicable in Indian Bay along with their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Read more about the new project by clicking here.

About The Author

Ryan is a PhD Candidate and Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Memorial University.