Opportunity: Public Policy Intern with Harris Centre

The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development is seeking to hire a Public Policy Intern for a one-year period to assist with its public policy mandate.  The opportunity is made available to a recent graduate of a recognized Canadian university. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how decisions are made by governments and by non-governmental organizations which can affect sectors of society or even society at large. The Intern will meet decision-makers, participate in discussions on important issues of public policy, and help organize events at which these issues can be debated.  Duties will include helping to identify important issues of public policy, the resource persons who can address these issues, and the groups who are affected by these issues; stimulating an interest in the public to debate these issues; developing the forums at which these issues can be discussed: The Galbraith LectureMemorial PresentsSynergy Sessions, conferences, workshops, and other forums; setting the agenda for planning meetings, attending meetings and preparing minutes; developing promotional materials for events; assisting with logistics for events; writing reports following conferences and workshops, and assisting in event evaluation; and performing other related duties as required. The successful candidate will be expected to work at public policy events that occur outside regular work hours (evenings and weekends).  Occasional travel within Newfoundland and Labrador will be required.

For further information please visit http://www.mun.ca/humanres/careers/ads/view.php?id=2981.

About The Author

Ryan is a PhD Candidate and Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Memorial University.