PhiLab Atlantic Hub: Conversations about philanthropy in Atlantic Canada

The PhiLab Atlantic Hub held its first regional meeting on April 1st hosting community and academic partners in a welcoming space for initial conversation about philanthropy in Atlantic Canada. The Atlantic Hub is a regional unit within the national PhiLab, an initiative based at the Université du Québec à Montréal and is supported by a SSHRC Partnership Grant.

PhiLab Atlantic Hub community and academic partners discussing the operation of the hub.

The PhiLab network, or the Canadian network of partnership-oriented research on philanthropy, began as a place of research, information exchange and the mobilization of Canadian foundations’ knowledge. As a subset of this national project, PhiLab Atlantic Hub was created as one of four partners tasked to continue this conversation at a regional level with interested community and academic partners.

At the initial meeting held last week, participants discussed the potential role of the PhiLab Atlantic Hub and how the hub could operate in the region as a connector of philanthropic initiatives. Preliminary questions about the current philanthropic situation in Atlantic Canada were posed and themes were identified from the ideas presented by participants. Though the PhiLab Atlantic Hub remains in its infancy at this point, more updates about its launch will be forthcoming as details are sorted and a roadmap to its operation is finalized! For more information on the PhiLab project, please visit:

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