Exploring Regionalism in the Burin Peninsula

Rural, resource-dependent regions around the world have faced extensive social, economic, environmental and political restructuring in recent decades, driven by factors such as urbanization and declining birth rates, technological change, increased reliance on the service and information economy globalization, government retrenchment, climate change, resource depletion. Well known for its high rates of unemployment and the collapse of the northern Atlantic cod, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is no exception.

This research investigated how theories associated with the new regionalism and collaborative regional economic development have been applied in circumstances comparable to a rural region in Newfoundland and Labrador and explored the potential for transferring lessons and approaches from these models to the Burin Peninsula. The objectives of this research are: (a) to suggest opportunities for positively impacting economic growth and diversification on the Burin Peninsula based on the experiences of other rural regions, and (b) to address gaps within the academic literature, in particular the application of rural regional governance models and approaches to regional economic development within the rural Canadian context.

In accordance with the objectives the key question addressed by the project is: “How can the people of the Burin Peninsula work together as a region to improve economic growth and diversification?” Fulfilling the objective of increased knowledge about impacts of regionalism and regional cooperation on economic growth and diversification in Canadian rural regions additional questions included: (a) What successful approaches have been used in Canada and other jurisdictions (worldwide) to stimulate/improve or support economic development through regional cooperation? (b) What have been the critical success factors in these approaches? and (c) What is the potential for application of these approaches on the Burin Peninsula, including the identification of critical success factors present or missing in this region?

For more information on this project please visit http://regionalismburinpen.wordpress.com/.

Research Team and Partners