Rural Resilience Researchers’ Articles Featured in Special Issue

In January 2018, Rural Resilience researchers co-authored two articles in a double special issue of the Journal of Rural and Community Development. Titled, “Communities and New Development Pathways in the Sparsely Populated North”, the special issue brought together articles discussing diverse issues related to community and socio-economic development in international northern periphery regions.

Leanna Butters (MAEP), Obafemi Okusipe (MAEP), Seth Eledi (MAEP), and Dr. Kelly Vodden (EPI) co-authored the paper: “Engaging the Past to Create a New Future: A Comparative Study of Heritage-driven Community Development Initiatives in the Great Northern Peninsula”. Their article examined three local heritage-driven community development initiatives in the Northern Peninsula region of NL using a multiple-capitals framework to consider the contributions of these initiatives to the sustainability and resilience of their communities and the region.

Ken Carter (Grenfell Campus), and Dr. Kelly Vodden (EPI) co-authored the paper: “Applicability of Territorial Innovation Models to Declining Resource-Based Regions: Lessons from the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland”. Their article investigates the applicability of regional innovation systems and the quadruple helix of government, university, industry and community collaboration in spurring innovation in the Northern Peninsula region of NL.

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