Upcoming Synergy Session: Universities as Economic Developers

The Harris Centre is hosting a Synergy Session titled Universities as Economic Developers: The Case of the University of Missouri System on August 6 from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm. Lauren Edens will share perspectives from Missouri, followed by a facilitated dialogue. A brief description of the session is listed below.

The impact of the University of Missouri System extends beyond its basic education mandate.  In fact, the System exerts an influence on the regional economy and the state’s capacity to provide services. First, it encourages researchers to own intellectual property patents and to directly develop their research for market by providing business incubators and research parks. Additionally, the System’s Extension Program provides educational resources throughout the state. Finally, the Advancing Missouri program is a platform for delineating how investment, innovation, infrastructure, and impact are facilitated by a higher education research institution.  This presentation will address how the University of Missouri System addresses these three pillars of economic development.

Who should attend this Synergy Session?

  • Government officials dealing with economic development, regional development, innovation or post-secondary education
  • Faculty, staff and students within the post-secondary education system interested in applied research, innovation, entrepreneurship, business incubation and related fields
  • Representatives of non-governmental organizations, sectorial associations, boards of trade and other organizations involved in regional development

The Synergy Session will be held in the boardroom on the 4th Floor of Spencer Hall Building. Register for the session is free, but required for catering purposes. Contacat the Harris Centre to register for this upcoming event!

About The Author

Ryan is a PhD Candidate and Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Memorial University.