Congratulations to PhD student and artist, Chantal Pennell, on exhibition opening

From August 31 to September 20th the Tina Dolter Gallery at the Rotary Arts Centre presents Toxin-Free Sanctuary, which focuses on the healing potential of Newfoundland’s natural West Coast. The gift of healing is embedded within the Earth and gifts from the Earth, like flowers, grasses, berries, seeds, and minerals, all of which contain a plethora of traditional ecological knowledge to be shared. Toxin-Free Sanctuary harmonizes visuals of seasonal rhythms of the land that convey an oasis of healing, like nourishing berries and herbs, soft sunshine and rain, and colour-changing wildflowers into a natural sanctuary of sorts. This interdisciplinary work is an interposing space, removing access barriers that toxify modern-day life and replacing them with regenerative healing imagery. By creating a safe environment to view nature’s delicate cycles of seasonal regeneration, Chantal is examining the potential for this imagery to heal the viewer from contemporary chemical culture.

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