PhiLab and the Atlantic Hub

About/What is PhiLab?

PhiLab is the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network. Funded as a SSHRC Partnership Development project, PhiLab is a space for partnership-oriented research, as well as knowledge sharing and mobilization on philanthropy and more specifically, Canadian foundations.

PhiLab is dedicated to the facilitation of research, information exchange and mobilization within Canadian foundations with a keen interest in social and environmental justice issues. It is structured with several “hubs” that are both geographically and thematically specific.

map of Canada with the different regions of PhiLab highlighted
Regional Hubs of the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network.

The focus of the Atlantic PhiLab hub is on further enhancing the capacity of philanthropic organizations, the communities within which they are embedded, and research focused on these relationships to build collaborative understandings specific to the Atlantic region. The four main activities of the Hub are: 1. Research; 2. Knowledge Sharing; 3. Student Training; 4. Network Building

The PhiLab Atlantic Hub is comprised of research members and students based at universities across Atlantic Canada and is partnered with various philanthropic organizations in the region.

Dr. Kelly Vodden is the Director of the Atlantic Hub and Dr. Emily Doyle is the coordinator.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about the PhiLab Atlantic Hub, getting involved as part of the network, or have questions or ideas for research in the philanthropic sector, please contact the Hub coordinator, Emily Doyle, at

Atlantic Hub Research Team

  • Ryan Gibson, Associate Professor, University of Guelph (affiliated)
  • Doug Lionais, Assistant Professor, Cape Breton University
  • Shelley Price, Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
  • Garret Richards, Assistant Professor, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
  • Roza Tchoukaleyska, Assistant Professor, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
  • Kelly Vodden, Professor (Research), Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
  • Emily Doyle, Postdoctoral fellow, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University