CBC News Highlights Rural Resilience Project

CBC News recently published a story that highlighted the Rural Resilience project, Quantifying Housing Needs In Western Newfoundland. Researchers are collaborating with the Community Mental Health Initiative in an effort to quantify and describe the rental housing stock, as well as determine the number and type of homeless persons (including the hidden homeless) in the western region of Newfoundland. This project is currently ongoing and so far there have been 92 tenant surveys and 41 landlord surveys completed. Rural Resilience researcher, Leanna Butters, points out that one significant challenge is the quantity of housing is low, particularly vacancy rates, and so there is very little housing available to those who don’t already have it. Surveys are ongoing until December when a report will be drafted outlining the research findings. Results will support community groups’ evidence-informed decision-making, strengthen partnerships, provide evidence for policy changes, and identify the need for potential housing projects and initiatives. 

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