Busy Spring 2015 Conference Session for Rural Resilience Researchers

Spring 2015 will be a busy season for Rural Resilience Researchers with a number of conference presentations scheduled. On May 18, Bill Reimer will be presenting “The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus as an Opportunity for Rural-Urban Policy Integration” at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s conference, National Prosperity Through Modern Rural Policy, co-authored by Joshua Barrett and Kelly Vodden, in Memphis, Tennessee. Members from Rural Resilience will also be participating in the Atlantic Provinces Transportation Forum Conference, titled The Movement of People To, From, and Within Atlantic Canada from May 19-20, in St. John’s, NL. On May 25, Vodden will be presenting findings from the Canadian Regional Development project at the Regional Studies Association conference Global Growth Agendas: Regions, Institutions, and Sustainability in Placenza, Italy, along with other project team members. Matthew Brett will also be presenting a paper, co-authored by Kelly Vodden and Bill Reimer, entitled “Regard sur le nouveau régionalisme au Canada rural : une comparaison interprovinciale” at the 83rd Congress of the Association canadienne-française pour l’avancement des sciences (ACFAS) in Rimouski, held from May 25-29. This provides an excellent opportunity for rural resilience researchers to collaborate with the Francophone community. From May 31-June 2, the On the Move Partnership will host national meetings in Ottawa, which will provide an opportunity for researchers to disseminate findings from across the country and discuss future research initiatives. These meetings coincide with Congress, the largest Social Science and Humanities research conference in Canada, from May 30-June 5. As a part of Congress, Joshua Barrett will be giving the presentation “Resource towns to no towns?: The evolution of commute work from the 1950s to present and how it impacts communities” on June 5 in the Canadian Sociological Association session, Extractive Resource Development and Northern Communities. On the same day, Kelly Vodden, Heather Hall, and others will be hosting a session in Vancouver, BC, at the Canadian Association of Geographers titled Long Distance Commuting in Canada’s Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors: Implications for Rural Regions where eight presentations will discuss the implications of employment mobility on rural regions across Canada. Presentations will be posted online once they become available. Best of luck to all researchers this spring!

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