Amy Hudson

Assistant Professor, School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies, Memorial University

Governance and Strategic Planning Lead/Negotiator, Nunatukavut Community Council 

Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Program, Memorial University

Amy Hudson recently completed her PhD in the Interdisciplinary Program at Memorial University. She has a BA from Memorial and a MA from the University of Victoria. She is originally from Black Tickle, a remote island community off the southeast coast of Labrador in NunatuKavut, the traditional homeland of Inuit from this region. Amy’s doctoral research was in the area of Inuit governance and sustainability planning. In her research, she works collaboratively with NunatuKavut Inuit, using both a strength and rights-based approach to examining the multi-faceted intersections between Inuit and research governance and sustainability planning in Inuit communities in NunatuKavut. She also works full-time with NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as a negotiator and Governance and Strategic Planning Lead. She is also actively engaged in research and has led the development of sovereign research governance practices. Amy is involved in other areas of research including Inuit education, renewable energy, water security and Indigenous research methods. Amy’s approach to research highly regards Indigenous knowledge and storytelling as integral to the revitalization and survival of Indigenous culture and communities. 


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