Engaging with Mi’kmaw communities on sustainability course development

Avery Velez, a Mi’kmaw PhD student in the Transdisciplinary Sustainability program at Grenfell Campus, is working to develop a new Special Topics course for the Master of Arts in Environmental Policy program on the topic of Indigenous/Mi’kmaw perspectives on sustainability, to be delivered in Fall 2024. In partnership with the St. George’s Hub, they are engaging with Mi’kmaw community members across the island of Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland) to ensure that the course, which fills an important gap in Indigenous-led developed and taught curriculum, is developed according to community values and priorities. The team is engaging with Mi’kmaw youth, Elders, community members, and chiefs to discuss their understandings of sustainability, their priorities for sustainability education, and their ideas for appropriate and meaningful on-the-land engagements. The new course is expected to be available as soon as fall 2024. 

Visit the website: https://mun.yaffle.ca/projects/15117

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