Sara Langer

Ph.D. Student, Transdisciplinary Sustainability, Memorial University

Master of Arts in Global Development Studies, Queen’s University (focus on conflict resolution and peacebuilding)

Bachelor of Sustainable Resource Management, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Sara is a Ph.D. student in Transdisciplinary Sustainability at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. Her current research is at the intersection of ecological economics, creative arts, and knowledge mobilization. Her Ph.D. explores rural, coastal, outport communities, and people’s connection to place that leads to strong, place-based, sustainable economies. She is also interested in how traditional local knowledge can be so innovative that it inspires action and results without external parties. Through knowledge sharing, translation, and mobilization via the use of creative arts, the transdiscipline of ecological economics that studies human wellbeing, sustainability, and justice has the opportunity to grow by incorporating lived experiences into ideas and models of holistic sustainability.

Sara is the Rural Resilience communications specialist, is currently working with Coastal Routes Radio, and has an affinity for the role of film and other alternative forms of art/media with regards to community-based content. She has also been a project member of “Building Resilient Coastal Communities through Social and Community Enterprise.”

Research Engagement