Canada in a Changing Climate: National Issues Report Published

The Canada in a Changing Climate: National Issues report was recently published and featured work from over 200 experts, including several Rural Resilience researchers. This report focuses on addressing climate change impacts and adaptation issues through an integrative, pan-Canadian perspective. There are nine chapters, each of which focuses on a different aspect of climate change.

Drs. Kelly Vodden and Ashlee Cunsolo are the coordinating lead authors on a chapter entitled Rural and Remote Communities (visit the project page here). Communities across Canada are experiencing the environmental, social, economic, cultural and health impacts of climate. This chapter focuses on the disproportionate effects of climate change on rural and remote communities compared to urban centres. One of the key findings highlights that rural and remote communities have displayed strong resilience despite these challenges. Residents of rural and remote communities have a strong connection to and understanding of the environment, and therefore Indigenous Knowledge is critical to understanding climate change and informing adaptation planning.

To read the whole report, visit

You can also use the interactive map to explore case studies from the report: Map of Adaptation Actions.

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