Canadian Regional Development Special Session at CAG

During the upcoming 2013 Canadian Association of Geographers annual conference a special session of twelve presentations has been organized on Canadian Regional Development. A description of the session and the papers to be presented are listed below.

Description of the Session

Regional development policy and practice is at a crossroads in Canada sparked by recent federal and provincial austerity measures and economic circumstances. Thus, a critical review of Canadian regional development is urgently needed. This session seeks to answer the following questions: How has regional development policy and practice changed since the 1980s and, more recently, through the 2000s? Are individual provinces doing regional development differently? How is regional development policy and practice adapting to changing realities such as globalization, technological change, political shifts, and economic circumstances? Are we sharing new insights across our provinces and regions?We are particularly interested in examining regional development through the lens of new regionalism and five key related themes: first, place-based development, with a focus on place itself as a starting point for development. Second, we are interested in the extent to which power and development decision-making is shared among different groups at all levels: a key ingredient of governance. We are also interested in the role thatknowledge and innovationplay in the development process and how rural-urban relationships are managed. Finally, we want to know the extent to which a wide variety of sectors and issues are integrated into regional development practices.



About The Author

Ryan is a PhD Candidate and Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Memorial University.